Friday, June 18, 2010

ODU Engineering - Summer Camp Scholarships

HRC ASHRAE is pleased to announce a contest for 3 scholarships for middle school students to the ODU Engineering Summer Camp for Family and Friends of ASHRAE Members.

Students shall meet the eligibility requirements as specified by the ODU entrance forms and apply for selection based on a contest. The contest will be to provide a 8.5 x 11 drawing/ schematic of the students heating and air conditioning system where they live.  Drawings are to be prepared unassisted with a pledge statement from the student stating that the work is theirs. No computerized drawings will be accepted. The students name, address and phone number as well as e-mail address if available and pledge statement will be placed in lower right hand side of drawing. No other identifying names will be allowed on the drawing.  

Pledge Statement: I __________________ drew this drawing. 

Drawings that do not have this information in lower right hand side will be disqualified.

Drawings are to be mailed: Gary Hayden, P.E.  531 West 24th Street, Norfolk VA  23517

Selection will be made by 2 school teachers independent of ASHRAE and names will be covered during selection process. The final 5 will be contacted by phone and asked questions about their drawing to decide the final 3.

Questions = e-mail: 

Post Mark DEADLINE: July 15th 2010

Camp Session: August 2 - 6   2010