Friday, June 3, 2011

Season Pass for 2011/2012 Meeting Schedule

The DPOR requires the following for continuing education requirements for renewal or reinstatement for your professional license:

"A. Individuals whose licenses expire or who apply to reinstate after March 31, 2010, shall be required to comply with the continuing education provisions of this chapter.
B. Individuals are required to complete at least 16 continuing education credit hours of approved continuing education activities for any license renewal or reinstatement.
C. Continuing education activities shall be deemed to be approved provided the following criteria are met:

Your local ASHRAE chapter is offering a season pass that will provide 8 hours per year towards this requirement. This is an "inch by inch anythings' a cinch" method to meet the state requirements. This will also allow you to submit one expense report for easy management of cost and  all meetings will be on the calendar for pre-planning. 

Stay posted as our calendar and line up of seminars comes together by late summer. Please see our poll to the right of this blog and provide us with your feedback. 

One thing that is very important to understand is that this is a self regulated process subject to random audit by the DPOR board. As quoted from the requirements: 

 "Each individual license holder applying for reinstatement shall provide, as part of his reinstatement application, evidence of compliance with the continuing education requirements of this chapter. The completion date of continuing education activities submitted in support of a reinstatement application shall not be more than two years old as of the date a complete reinstatement application is received by the board."
Do not be that person that rushes into the bosses office saying that DPOR is asking for continuning education credits and I have to fly to some distant place and spend the weekend or two weekends catching up - as your boss will just be thinking : "Your lack of planning does not constitute emergency on my part" - and calculate the cost on that emergency!?