Monday, May 2, 2011

Jump Start for Hampton Roads ASHRAE Student Chapter at Old Dominion University

The Hampton Roads Chapter ASHRAE had a pizza luncheon Thursday, April 14th for students interested in ASHRAE.  Nathan Luetke is a professor for ODU’s Engineering Technology department and has volunteered to become HRC ASHRAE’s student chapter advisor.  Nathan has been working with Gary Hayden (HRC ASHRAE past president and active student activities chairman) in starting the student chapter and engaging students interested in ASHRAE.  Rob Ainsley, Gary Hayden, and Scott Almond (HRC ASHRAE representatives) teamed up with Nathan to talk with several students and present the benefits of becoming a student member and starting a student chapter.  The students were fully engaged in the conversation and eager to chapter operations.  We would like to thank Professor Nathan Luetke for stepping into this very important role and all of his great work.

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